Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good Morning

I am up and thought I would read some blogs and post this picture of Gina's Willowtree I got for her Birthday. She has given me a few so I wanted to give her one to start her collection. I had a hard time because they are all so cute! This was my decision though so she will remember her first one was on her Birthday. Mama and Sissy gave her Willowtrees, too. I saw several I want for her so I know what part of her Christmas will be.
Amanda came up with a great Blog prompt, What do we think of DST? I like the way it used to be before the Senator or Governor or whatever moved the time it started and ended, I Hated the beginning because I was missing the sunrise on the way to work the first several days! It don't matter as much now since I work afternoons, I just sleep in later now. I am glad after years of Les telling me how bad he hates the change he now keeps quiet, though! That's a great relief!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Well my Baby turned 21 today! She really looked adorable tonight, I had to laugh when she showed me how she had her pants fastened! She is fighting going into maternity pants because she can't find any that fit her well and that she likes! She won't be able to wear this top for awhile as it was uncomfortable, too. We finally watched the tape from her ultrasound, I was amazed to see Charlie's little fingers and her heart beat. Charlie Elizabeth Grogan, I am really surprised she didn't go with Adrian like she had always said... Adrian Hope, oh, well, I KNOW better than to say too much, she is a Mini-Me so no one else's opinon matters, LOL! Gina is now 22 weeks.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This is me when I worked at Wal-Mart. I never scrapped it before but this kit is the cutest Halloween kit! It is the SAD kit at 3S and is called "You Don't Know Jack!" by Linda Walton of Bon Scrapatit Designs at 3S

Les had his trial stimulator put in today, he did really well! He can even stand straight will no pain!