Saturday, February 27, 2010

This is Trey's Dad's new tractor, he is feeling very weak from his chemo and is hoping a project will help him to feel better.
I have accomplished a whole lot today. I am having to reorganize my office so I can get the things from Daycare in there too. I am at least half way done. By Tuesday Charli will be amazed at our new Playroom!
Oh, I did get my day out and went yard saling and to the scrapbook store and most places I wanted too!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Charli and I did our first craft project today, we made this necklace, she followed directions and gave me the beads I asked for and when we were done she put the beads back into the jar. Very good small motor skills for a two-year old. Crafters are made not born, LOL! I also told her about patterns. This what the high light of my day!

Now for my other things, LOL! I had to have Les at work 7:45 and got to the doctor for my blood tests a little after 8 and then to pick up Charli so I could be at work at 11 BUT my boss had left me a note on Facebook about 8:30 NOT to come it. Of course I was doing what I had to do INCLUDING getting aggravated because my air portable tank decided to freeze and not work.
OK, I did get 30 minutes of pay and one of my former parents gave me a GORGEOUS humming bird feeder and a $20 GC to the scrapbooking store.
I thought I would get to go "Junkin'" and to the LSS to spend my GC and do a couple of errands but the tank was pulsing and going crazy and I can't get Charli in and out of the seat I have easily so I was in a pretty fowl mood and I was starving!
Gary came and replaced my Big tank which had leaked out since Monday and the frozen tank PLUS he gave me a small backup tank of regular oxygen.
My Mom also went and got me some soup from O'Charleys so I feel much better now!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I thought this Thomas Sabo charm was just the cutest thing! I didn't look at the price in the E-Store because I didn't want Any temptation!
Today was good, Gina brought Charli over around 7:45 so she was tired when she got off work at 6:00, it is getting obvious that she is pregnant now, she has a belly showing now.
Les and I met her at my MIL's when she got off and we ate hot dogs with Kathie and talked to her a long time about the way Les's sister is taking advantage of her. We really need to get her well so she can go to the lawyer and bank and safe guard herself. I really hate that, we did warn her before but that is her daughter.

Anyway I am watching skating on the Olympics and getting ready to go to bed, I have to go set up the new class in the morning, Charli will be going with me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A new scarf, birdfeeder and getting my laptop "fixed", LOL!
I bought a birdfeeder on eBay Sunday for $3.25 with free shipping and got it today! I love it!
I bought this scarf yesterday at Family Dollar yesterday, this and green are my favorite colors so I am going back and getting a pretty green one, too. Scarves are great to keep my oxygen from getting tangled and making it less obvious that I wear a tank. These are a nice spring weight, too.
Next I was going to play on my laptop while sitting with Charli to but she decided to get in my lap and I didn't get to connect so she said she would Fix it for me!

OK, today I gave up my class. I got lots f love and hugs, I will miss it but will be going Friday and Monday and get a couple of hours. I also went by to let the nurse see my TB test was negative.
"Take a picture, Meme!" Boy I have raised a little Poser, LOL! She put on her little gloves and we went outside while it was pretty and she 'gardened'.
Today is my last day as a teacher, Charli and I are going Friday and help set up the new class. I will still be doing things around the center like the bulletin board and photos but this is my last full day of work.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Had several errands today, Had to get my medicine print outs and get my TB test, Dr Holman had called to check on me and when he saw me he stopped to talk. I think I have everything I need now to go Monday, all organized and neat.
I had to call Les and get him to come get my tank and fill it because I ran out around 11:00 at work. I was cleaning and using more air than I realized I was. It was wonderful he was off. After work we went to -were I got more seeds and then to Wal-Mart where we saw Gina and Charli. I also picked us up some Gardening gloves at CVS.
The best thing is Les and I went to Lowes were he got my PVC for my new bird feeders and he started on it as soon as we got home!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ready for Life Changes

I am getting ready for a lot of Life changes now, This is the last week I will be in class and next Monday I will be applying for disability. This week end I have gotten all my records together, there are a whole lot of them! I really got many things done today and feel pretty good.
I was thinking earlier how I am going to miss all the fun scrubs and seasonal shirts and socks, I sure won't give up my fun socks, LOL, but I am giving Miss Martha some of my scrubs and thinning down everything else.
The biggest thing is making the next few months without my income, I will be concerned about that, but God is good and we will survive this.
Picture is from Church today