Thursday, February 25, 2010

I thought this Thomas Sabo charm was just the cutest thing! I didn't look at the price in the E-Store because I didn't want Any temptation!
Today was good, Gina brought Charli over around 7:45 so she was tired when she got off work at 6:00, it is getting obvious that she is pregnant now, she has a belly showing now.
Les and I met her at my MIL's when she got off and we ate hot dogs with Kathie and talked to her a long time about the way Les's sister is taking advantage of her. We really need to get her well so she can go to the lawyer and bank and safe guard herself. I really hate that, we did warn her before but that is her daughter.

Anyway I am watching skating on the Olympics and getting ready to go to bed, I have to go set up the new class in the morning, Charli will be going with me.

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