Friday, February 26, 2010

Charli and I did our first craft project today, we made this necklace, she followed directions and gave me the beads I asked for and when we were done she put the beads back into the jar. Very good small motor skills for a two-year old. Crafters are made not born, LOL! I also told her about patterns. This what the high light of my day!

Now for my other things, LOL! I had to have Les at work 7:45 and got to the doctor for my blood tests a little after 8 and then to pick up Charli so I could be at work at 11 BUT my boss had left me a note on Facebook about 8:30 NOT to come it. Of course I was doing what I had to do INCLUDING getting aggravated because my air portable tank decided to freeze and not work.
OK, I did get 30 minutes of pay and one of my former parents gave me a GORGEOUS humming bird feeder and a $20 GC to the scrapbooking store.
I thought I would get to go "Junkin'" and to the LSS to spend my GC and do a couple of errands but the tank was pulsing and going crazy and I can't get Charli in and out of the seat I have easily so I was in a pretty fowl mood and I was starving!
Gary came and replaced my Big tank which had leaked out since Monday and the frozen tank PLUS he gave me a small backup tank of regular oxygen.
My Mom also went and got me some soup from O'Charleys so I feel much better now!

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