Monday, February 22, 2010

Had several errands today, Had to get my medicine print outs and get my TB test, Dr Holman had called to check on me and when he saw me he stopped to talk. I think I have everything I need now to go Monday, all organized and neat.
I had to call Les and get him to come get my tank and fill it because I ran out around 11:00 at work. I was cleaning and using more air than I realized I was. It was wonderful he was off. After work we went to -were I got more seeds and then to Wal-Mart where we saw Gina and Charli. I also picked us up some Gardening gloves at CVS.
The best thing is Les and I went to Lowes were he got my PVC for my new bird feeders and he started on it as soon as we got home!

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