Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A new scarf, birdfeeder and getting my laptop "fixed", LOL!
I bought a birdfeeder on eBay Sunday for $3.25 with free shipping and got it today! I love it!
I bought this scarf yesterday at Family Dollar yesterday, this and green are my favorite colors so I am going back and getting a pretty green one, too. Scarves are great to keep my oxygen from getting tangled and making it less obvious that I wear a tank. These are a nice spring weight, too.
Next I was going to play on my laptop while sitting with Charli to but she decided to get in my lap and I didn't get to connect so she said she would Fix it for me!

OK, today I gave up my class. I got lots f love and hugs, I will miss it but will be going Friday and Monday and get a couple of hours. I also went by to let the nurse see my TB test was negative.

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