Saturday, July 4, 2009

"96" Festival

Here are some of the pictures I took in "96". I was so glad we got to see the bikes come into town for the show! I wish we got there for the parade but there were a few of the people from the parade milling about. I was really impressed and can't wait to see the fireworks tonight! The weather was nice, too. Les and I sat on a bench under the tree and enjoyed watching every thing and feeling the breeze.
I am so glad we went, next year I hope I can enter their photo contest, not many pictures in it yet, this was the first year for this Festival. I like the way they broke in down to categories, too.


Oh, the smell of Barbecue in the air, flags flying proudly and a nice small town atmosphere, what could be better than this?
Les and I are about to head out to '96' to the Car show there, we are going to see the Fireworks there tonight because he has to work until close and the FW there are later.
I found this today, a tour of the Festival houses online, Now you can see if I was wrong about the gardens being OK but nothing worth getting out in the 97 degree weather, LOL!
I will share pictures if I get any good ones but for now this was Les and Leigh Anne last year when we went to Laurens with friends and Gina's and Jamie's families.

Friday, July 3, 2009

We have been in the village a year now and I was thinking how much I have changed. If you would have told me 3 years ago I would be a Gardener I would have thought you were Crazy! After all I never had a green thumb, that was my Nanny and Grandmother's thing!
Now I am really into herbs and plan on having a great herb garden next year! Best yet it is something Le and I share! He helped me fix a table this morning, he and I went out and got a biscuit and got a couple of plants and some potting soil then came home and worked in the yard. I was looking for some garden art today and found this CD craft. Les said he would help make some type of sculptures. I think we will make some windchimes, too.

Here is my herb table!

This is the mint I brought from my old house

Dwarf purple basil

Spicy Globe basil

This is the violet I got from one of my students in February! It really looks wonderful!

I enjoy bird watching and spend a lot of time with Gina. I also stay out of temptation for the most part and avoid going to craft stores and Wal-Mart to save money, LOL! After all we had to give up our house with all of Les's medical bills and can barely make ends meet now so I do not need to get into more trouble. (This was hard to admit!) Les has stuck to his at least one Doctor visit a month and some months it has been twice. At least now he has no broken bones!
Now we spend a lot of time with friends and have a neat house, mostly, and have people over often! That is something I have never done! I always hated any one to come over but now we have people in and out all the time! My Mom comes over often, too!
Oh, and importantly I gave up my caffeine Pepsis! Even I did not think I could do that!
A year has gone by quickly and I miss a lot of things but I am a better person, for the most part, a happier one, any way!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I think I want to add some ornamental peppers to my garden next year, I really thought they looked nice, I would love to do large containers and mix my herbs.
If you know what this plant is please let me know, it was cool, looked like faces to Les and I.I am so looking forward to the week end! I have tomorrow off and I plan to enjoy myself! I plan on catching up on scrapping, June was pitiful, I made around 25 pages, that is very low for me!


I was thinking yesterday, the year is now half over and I have posted everyday, sometimes twice a day, I am enjoying Blogging! The main thing is keeping up with what happens, just like Charli's new skill is climbing up and getting down off the sofa by herself and I have not had a 'real' Pepsi since June 8, the Doctor said to give up caffeine and all I have now is a cup of coffee to help settle my cough in the morning, and it is light and sweet, just like I drank when I was a kid, LOL!

Well I pray my class will be good today, they were not too bad yesterday, B came in pushing and had a little Swiping toys, I sure plan on their social skills improving! At 22- 27 months they should be playing better together!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Les had more Blood work up today, He has to go back Monday to have a procedure done, I will have to drive him there.
Tim does have Mersa, he got tests back today. He is starting to get better, though. Today is his Grandson Eli's First Birthday but he couldn't see him because of the infection.
We stopped by the funeral home to see Charlene tonight, her husband Allen will be buried tomorrow, he had a rare blood cancer that there had been only 12 cases of in Charleston.
I took a picture of Charli's frogs to share with you. They are really cool, have a balanced environment so you only change water twice a year and they eat the tiniest amount of food. They are supposed to live a couple of years.
This is Charli's sleepy look, I know as soon as she does this she will go right to sleep, Her other Mema can get her to eat but she only takes quick naps. I can barely get her to eat but she lays on me and sleeps well. Yesterday she slept 2 hours, I sometimes wake her so we have time to play!
Looking out my window I have just seen 3 young Titmice! I usually have a pile of young finches, I got another tube feeder and had to buy another Hummer feeder because my squirrel friend broke my other one by making it fall, the hummingbird is there right now.
Well must get ready for work, I usually do not dread going to work but this new class are too aggressive and a bunch of bullies! Two of the girls constantly fight! I have a biter, too, My director said at the end of August they will probably all go up, I hope I can stay sane until then... glad this is a short week!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

These are from the Men's garden in Greenwood. It is a small park where veterans would get together and garden right across from the American Legion Post. Now it is taken care of by the city because most of the men have passed or are too old. Les and I have decided we want to go picnic there one day.
Yesterday was another long day. After work I kept Charli while Gina had blood work to check her hormone levels and then our W.O.M. group at church. I got home after 8:30. I am getting old for these 13 hour days, LOL! I realized I have no gifts for the challenges at 3S!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Charlene Kennemore's husband passed about 7:00 tonight. She is a member of my church but I have never met him. We found out the news while we were in our meeting tonight.
Also Leigh Anne may also have mercer, she had a place under her arm, I think Tim will find out Wednesday if that is what he has.

Last night was family night at VBS and here are the crafts we did. I tried to teach them some art techniques like the wax resist and 'doodle art', We also made a bible treasure box and witness bracelets.
Here is Charli helping water my flowers before I went to pick up my pictures from the Festival Photography contest. I had a hard time finding them because they were all at the bottom, this was the third time I entered but I told Les I would not bother anymore. It costs about $40 to develop, mount and enter them and I don't see how the could be fairly judged or even seen near the floor. I told Les I would just be a sore loser and give up, LOL!
Oh. please pray for our friend, Tim, he woke up yesterday with his face swollen from a sore on his nose and they think it may be mercer.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here are some shots from Park Seed gardens, The plants were not as glorious as last year but I got some nice shots. The tours on the other hand were not worth fighting the heat! They were small gardens of retired people and a couple were professionally landscaped. I got home and emailed the Festival people.
I loved the heart shape of this sunflower! We got seeds for the white cucumber in our goodie bag and thought this petunia was awesome!
We didn't go to hear the Bluegrass after all, There were thunderstorm watches out and it started raining so we rented 2 movies, Paul Blart Mall Cop and Madea Goes to Jail, very funny movies!