Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enjoying Life

I haven't spent as much time on the computer lately, Gina went back to work last week on Valentine's Day and I went out of town with church friends both Friday and Saturday.
We went to Winterfest and saw New Song and Mercy Me, it was terrific!
Charli was a month old Wednesday, I took this picture Thursday and scrapped with the Fun Chat kit from 3S, I thought it fit the picture beautifully! Seth will be a month old tomorrow, he weighs 10.5 lbs now and is wearing the Carolina shirt that Jeremy wore as a child! Jeremy was old enough to eat cookies when he wore it! I am begging for pictures, guilt doesn't work as well long distance, LOL!
Work is going great, Nina moved up and Logan came up, she is much easier to get along with for the kids but still plays by herself a lot.
Well, off to do some pages for Gina's brag book.