Saturday, October 10, 2009

I slept a lot again today and coughed a good bit but starting to feel some better, still not quite well but still taking my antibiotics. The best thing is I didn't have to talk because Les was at work, BUT Jeremy called to tell me he made Sargent. I had seen the pictures on Facebook so knew. It was nice to hear from him. Seth has been going to Daycare a little, that is one of the benefits so Jeremy can spend time with Julie... the Army pays for it for a month.
I worked on this necklace for a long time, I am not real happy with it and may rework it a third time, the beads and colors are great it just doesn't hang right.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thhis is what Easton's Mom, Tonya made for our Friday theme party today! Isn't it adorable? I do feel bad that it was my new assistant's last day and he had cried and woke them all up so they didn't get the last hour of nap, I am sure she was ready to get out of there! Gloria is going to be my 'new' new assistant and I know her, she did her training in my class last year. On days like this I think I need a new job! Because of the infection I have had this week I really am struggling to catch my breath!Here are some of the earrings I made this week. Have not done any the last couple of days and have not scrapped in several, just not feeling creative. Took a 3 hour nap when I got home, am so tired..... Gina just called and could barely talk to her.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music, Music, Music!

When I was in elementary school The Swingin' Medallions bus would be parked at a house right beside my school. In 1966 when I was 6 they did a song Double Shot of my Baby's Love was the 57th best song of the years. They are from Greenwood yet I had never heard them, the concerts are usually $25 a ticket. Well finally I got to see them tonight after Charli's Kindermusic class!
I took the video on my camera which means no music but it is done to the song Shotgun which is sample 4 on the link above. John McElrath here is the only original member of the band and he is having a spin off with Josh Boatright, I have to say John does pretty well on stage and playing upside down!
Les went with me to take Charli, I am still only about 80% well but really wanting to see the group. I wish I had taken Charli, there were hundred's of people there and many kids right up front dancing!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just wanted to post the necklace I made for a lady at work, she loved it.
Left work early but I still kept Charli, Trey worked late so I just got home, I think I am going to drink some hot tea, take my med and go to bed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

As it gets closer to Halloween it is a great time to remember my grandparents and how candy was one way they spoiled us as kids. These are 2 of my favorites my Granddaddy Bo would bring me, PayDays were thicker then, and I still eat the peanuts first and then the caramel.
I still feel bad and can't talk, slept almost all day and haven't done anything, I need to do some Halloween earrings but am getting very low on orange beads and larger black ones.
I plan on going to work tomorrow, Please pray I get my voice back!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Took today off since I can't talk and wanted to share this with you! Here's the link to the Blog I found it at.
A couple from church made us some chili for dinner, Les goes in at 5:30 so he can eat before he goes.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Well Gina finally joined Facebook, LOL! Her is a picture see put on there, Charli and her pink shoes! After a week without the computer I still want to get other things done and not be on here too much. I am fighting a chest cold and can barely talk, trying to get tomorrow off, have not slept more than a couple of hours at a time in a few days. Of coursr Les can't talk either, he gets laryngitis several times a year though.
Today I sold 4 pairs of earrings and 3 sets to Kristi at church. I had a great time yard saling yesterday and got Many pieces of glass for my totems I plan on doing, most were a dime.

Here is the link for this weeks Scripture Challenge at SBE if you want to get the word art and take part.