Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have been Very busy today! Kept Charli , cleaned house, had my Mom and Grandmom and Gina over for a Mother's Day cook out (Les grilled chicken and fixed baked beans and coleslaw) THEN I have been arguing with this computer. Something happened that all my passwords were lost. Everytime I went on a site I had to sign in. I researched and did Everything. Even took Foxfire off and tried redoing. Then lost my Google Toolbar. I finally updated my I.E. which I Hate. Will figure it out later!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Charli's Lighthouse

Charli has a couple at church who have adopted her as their own and spoil her all the time. Papa Doug and Nana Elaine bought her this solar lighthouse so I took pictures to put in a thank you note.

My Tropicana Rose has bloomed now. I will be glad when the rain stops so I can get a good picture, it has been so wet and cloudy. It is really a beautiful rose.
My roses up front are really growing and one has many blooms. I am afraid maybe there has not been enough sun for it to bloom!
Oh, Gina brought Charli over for awhile yesterday, she had been feeling a little bad and her Memaw couldn't get her to nap or eat. They had to be at Tye's band show at 6:00 and Trey was working late. She threw up Wednesday night. I played with her a few minutes then we laid down on my bed and she went right to sleep and slept for an hour. When Gina picked her up she said she could tell that Charli felt better. Charli wanted to stay but Gina had started feeling bad, too. I pray they are all right today!

Oh, Zaroga reminded me of a link I found with some strange dresses! I was looking up the beautiful Butterfly Dress!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Charli and the Bunny

Back to my usual short post this AM, LOL! This is Charli talking to the bunny statue in her yard, it was so entertaining! She pointed out his nose and let him 'smell' a flower, showed me his ears and ears.
Trey had to work late so I didn't get to go to church last night.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Morning! We had a rough storm last night and so I had Les shut down my computer and had a hard time getting up and running so I could share this with you this morning!
I was blessed that Miss Erin asked me to join her Creative Team and got to work with this beautiful kit! If you scroll down you will see the Preview AND a QP FREEBIE for stopping by her blog! These two LOs are the ones I made to be QPs for the set.

These are two more and the image is linked to the store, it is a real bargain at $3.00 right now! You see what a variety of pages I got out of it!

Now to what's up with me, LOL! I forgot to tell you Charli now weighs right at 21 pounds, that's triple her birth weight, that amazes me!
My FIL is healing from his Gall Bladder surgery, he asked me to bring him a Barbecue sandwich yesterday but my MIL told him he would have to wait, he just now is able to eat solid foods so I Know he didn't need that!
My brother is pretty sick, I guess he has the Flu but everything else is good. I finally got some shots of the Titmouse that visits me, now. If you haven't ever watched one they flit around and will get a sunflower seed from the feeder and take it somewhere and crack it open by hammering with his beak! It is so fun to watch!!
Zaroga I hope you and Frank are doing well! I have kept Charli all this week so I haven't stopped by yet to 'check' on you. I have church tonight but tomorrow may finally get some things caught up! Hugs to you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am just looking through photos to see what I might enter in the photo contest and came across this one I took at the beach. I remember thinking how tragic it was with this beautiful bird standing in the trash!
I went with Gina to the Dentist and watched Charli and we ended up going by her Dr and seeing why she kept pulling at her ears. She had was built up in her right ear. Man was she mad as the Dr got it out. Gina and I were holding her and she showed her temper! Her ears are fine though. We also went and got her some flowers for the front of her house. Then the rain came, LOL!
We are just getting over a rough storm here! It is still raining hard, though. I am glad it is ended, I don't get in the tub in the middle of a storm.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, I guess things will get back to normal again, LOL! I have enjoyed to many visitors to my Blog!
After work I am going over to play with Charli while Gina goes to the dentist then I need to get some of the many pages I made posted. These two are made with A Fairytale Love by It'z A Neet Design at Scrapable. The top one is a cover for a pencil can for Gina.
One of my kids is moving up today, Caleb won't have any problem but his mommy is so stressed out it is sad! She is determined he is going to have to come in my room first and for me to give him his love, she is one of those parents that lingers and comes back to kiss and hug on him. It honestly is better to love and say Good bye I will see you in a little bit! Poor, Caleb! He is ready to see his buddies and play with the big boys! I pray it will go well for his mom!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Word Art Freebie

Yesterday I gave you the thread for a Word Art challenge, today I am sharing mine! Click the image to get the link.

Here is the page I made using the WA and A kit that will be released today, Just One More Level by Cathy K at SBE. Here is the Add On. The WA is made with Thumbody Loves You. I have gotten a lot of use with this kit!

I have mostly spent the weekend doing pages and having a good time with the kits and challenges. Watched the rain yesterday afternoon. Did a little cleaning and spent some time with Tim and Leighanne. We went to the Drive in! Our Drive in reopened and we went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens, Gina and Trey went, too so I got to hold Charli during most of the movie. She is Very good at the movies, she loved the action! She would repeat Uh oh, over and over, LOL!

Well enjoy the Word Art and have a wonderful day!