Friday, May 8, 2009

Charli's Lighthouse

Charli has a couple at church who have adopted her as their own and spoil her all the time. Papa Doug and Nana Elaine bought her this solar lighthouse so I took pictures to put in a thank you note.

My Tropicana Rose has bloomed now. I will be glad when the rain stops so I can get a good picture, it has been so wet and cloudy. It is really a beautiful rose.
My roses up front are really growing and one has many blooms. I am afraid maybe there has not been enough sun for it to bloom!
Oh, Gina brought Charli over for awhile yesterday, she had been feeling a little bad and her Memaw couldn't get her to nap or eat. They had to be at Tye's band show at 6:00 and Trey was working late. She threw up Wednesday night. I played with her a few minutes then we laid down on my bed and she went right to sleep and slept for an hour. When Gina picked her up she said she could tell that Charli felt better. Charli wanted to stay but Gina had started feeling bad, too. I pray they are all right today!

Oh, Zaroga reminded me of a link I found with some strange dresses! I was looking up the beautiful Butterfly Dress!

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Linda said...

Love the photos of Charlie, she is adorable!! What a beautiful rose that is. We have to wait awhile for our flowers to all be in bloom here in the northwoods LOL But soon I hope! Take care