Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have been Very busy today! Kept Charli , cleaned house, had my Mom and Grandmom and Gina over for a Mother's Day cook out (Les grilled chicken and fixed baked beans and coleslaw) THEN I have been arguing with this computer. Something happened that all my passwords were lost. Everytime I went on a site I had to sign in. I researched and did Everything. Even took Foxfire off and tried redoing. Then lost my Google Toolbar. I finally updated my I.E. which I Hate. Will figure it out later!


Angela said...

she's so adorable. hope you get the computer sorted soon

Zaroga said...

So Cute! love the motion of the hands.

Glad you had a great Mom's cook out.

It could be that you cleared your cache... temporary files... history, etc. with the computer. Sometimes.. such as with Yahoo and Blogger passwords are only held a couple of weeks. You might want to do a system clean up, defrag and update your anti-virus program and do a scan of your computer, just to make sure something hasn't gotten on your computer.