Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, I guess things will get back to normal again, LOL! I have enjoyed to many visitors to my Blog!
After work I am going over to play with Charli while Gina goes to the dentist then I need to get some of the many pages I made posted. These two are made with A Fairytale Love by It'z A Neet Design at Scrapable. The top one is a cover for a pencil can for Gina.
One of my kids is moving up today, Caleb won't have any problem but his mommy is so stressed out it is sad! She is determined he is going to have to come in my room first and for me to give him his love, she is one of those parents that lingers and comes back to kiss and hug on him. It honestly is better to love and say Good bye I will see you in a little bit! Poor, Caleb! He is ready to see his buddies and play with the big boys! I pray it will go well for his mom!

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