Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Now on Dude's CT! This makes me Very Happy! These are pages from my first kit I have done, I love the little bat bracelet and charms! He also has Mesh!
The kit is called Spook-tacular and is here
I knew I wanted to scrap Gina's dance picture from 1988 and when I saw the bats I had to do a page with Gina and Les! They so LOVE vampire movies. Both my kids are as addicted to movies as their Dad, I rarely watch a whole movie, unless Owen Wilson is in it!
Miss Jane did the Wednesday Prompt, what did we eat today, I will do yesterday and say not a lot. I have finally convinced myself to cut down on Pepsi! I drank a can and half a 24 oz bottle, I guess Les picked up my bottle because it's gone and I didn't finish it. I snacked on candy coated pretzels left from Sunday's Church Baptism and ate the sub sandwiches I had left with chips. I also has 2 Yougart drinks, that's my healthier substitute for Pepsi and lots of water. I am sure I ate more than that but it's 5AM and I really don't remember!
Les is very tired after his surgery and Noel is doing much better.
Also I have my AM hours back starting Wed. Oct. 17!