Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well got a whole lot done today, too. Got my boxes started for the yard sale May 8, I will go ahead and price them as soon as I get some stickers. Got more cleaning done as Charli was watching TV. I am just getting frustrated because I clean and Les comes behind me and puts something where I just cleaned! I cleaned of the table and there were 5 empty Coke cans on it. I cleaned dishes after I made Charli and I lunch, Les cooked and left the dishes. I clean off the dryer and he puts his clean clothes on it.
Also I got one of my flower beds ready to plant my Four O'Clocks tomorrow. I have yellow ones from two different friends, One sent them from Kentucky!
I am reading a good book so I am not spending much time online for me. Been very busy!
Les took his Mom to the Lawyer today to get the will redone and she is going to the Funeral Home to go ahead and preplan this month. This is something I really want to do myself. I want to record my music. I want this song!

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