Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honeysuckles and Queen Anne's Lace

On the way to work I think how I miss seeing the fields of wildflowers I used to pass by. I love the pretty, fragile Queen Anne's Lace and the smell of honeysuckle, Gina has honeysuckles in her yard growing on her fence so I catch a whiff of the sweet smell when I visit.
The day was better at work yesterday, River, the child that had cried is trying another class so it was peaceful. July 8 everything will be mixed up and kids moving up to the next class. I hope I will get the below 2 group again.

Charli and I watch Sponge Bob together and this week I have heard her singing the theme song. She is now understanding she wears a diaper and when I told her to help me pull her pants up she hiked them way up and giggled at herself. She likes to do a big laugh that comes across like a villain and I do it back and we go back and forth. doing this evil sounding laugh. I learn something new everyday, she picked up her blocks when I sang the clean up song and she knows a horse when she sees the toy and she wanted to go outside and took me to the back door and started knocking telling me "out" . it has still been raining here and was wet si I had to tell her it had rained and showed her the rain on the window.

Thursday... this week is passing quickly. I am glad I only have 1 Wednesday each week. i leave at 7:15AM and don't get home until almost 8:30PM! maybe I will get something accomplished today to get ready for Saturday's show.


Zaroga said...

Pretty pictures. The honeysuckles have finally passed their height here. I enjoy their sweet odor, but this year there were so many honeysuckles in bloom at one time that it was overwhelming.

Charli is growing so fast. Soon she will be potty trained and no more diapers... I bet you will like that part :-)

GrannyNKy said...

I loved your honeysuckle photos. I have loved sitting out on the porch in the evening; their sweet smell fills the yard as they grow wild along the fields edges.

Ava got her first real panties for her second birthday last Saturday, and a new potty chair so the fun begins, lol~