Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jeff has fallen twice today, he fell out of the bed trying to cover up and hit his head and then his knee twisted and he fell and he just scooted toward the door. He fell 3 times yesterday so that is better! He is not as wobbly today but still is very pitiful! Les and I are wondering about leaving him alone. I had to go to therapy but Jamie stopped by and brought him lunch. She told him he was supposed to stay in bed as much as possible while he is still bleeding. I want to go to church tonight but may not, I hope tomorrow I can get our neighbor or his friend to check on him so we can go to the first Alive After 5 uptown.
My exercise times: 15 on New Step 5 arms, 4 on treadmill. Heart rate is still up on treadmill but not as much as it was.
Ames started clapping today!

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