Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As we were going to Les's Mom's today close to 4:30 there was a storm, and we were on Grace St near First Baptist church and up ahead Les and I saw a tree fall and a huge flash. I was the one to call 911. The transformer had to be what the flash was because the power was out in that grid and the tree had not been cleared at 8:30 when we checked back after church. It was very interesting! I am glad Les was driving (and I don't say that often) because he knew to get in other lane and back up because I would have thought to just pull into the next street and turn around but he showed me that would put you under the line and it ended up dropping down. I think there may been a car that the tree fell on. I will check the paper tomorrow. The storm wasn't that bad but the lightening was right there at us, I guess.
This is Charli showing off her stickers from yesterday.
We ate at Arby's with Doug and Elaine before church and Charli was having so much fun playing with them! They had had a bad day but I think she changed that!

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