Thursday, April 23, 2009

I got these pictures of a mockingbird and a brown headed cowbird the other night, the cowbird had his mate but the pictures are not very clear. Last night a titmouse landed on my feeder but was gone before I got my camera.

Charli really had a fit when I left her yesterday! Made me want to stay with her but Trey had errands to run and I had to be at church at 6:00. She was extra loving toward me so I guess she was just in a "Meme's Girl" mood. I hope she settled down quickly. Usually Trey is very good at distracting her.

I will be doing several kits for Gem designs, Grethe has been sick and in hospital and I hadn't heard from her in a long time. One kit is a Bar-be-que set so Zaroga if you have a recipe card you want made send me the recipe, LOL! I guess I will get Les to grill something and get pictures! There is also a Wild West kit I like. That will be easy for me.


Linda said...

I simply love the photos you take!! They are just awesome!!!!
Take care...always

Zaroga said...

I haven't tried to take a bird picture in a while. You are doing well though.

LOL... I don't have a recipe written down for bar-be-que. I actually only have a few recipes written out... all on my recipe blog (maybe a few more than written there, but not many more). I do follow recipes from books or sometimes an online recipe, but most of the time I've made something so many times that I don't need directions :-)

Down here we call those fits Hissy Fits ;-)