Saturday, April 25, 2009

I had a training class this morning, I got up at about my normal time and this fellow had climbed the pole where my feeders are. I opened the window and threw out a hot dog bun so he decided that it would taste good. I am going to get some feeders for the squirrels, too, I saw an idea that you fill an empty 2 Ltr bottle with peanuts in the shell and hang upside down so they have to grab them out of it. Sounds fun!
My training was on Blood borne Pathogens which I have to have every year. It was really pretty good, not boring as usual because the trainer is fun. Got home at 11:00 or so and Les, Jeff and I did some yard work and the boys left so I have the house to myself. Doing some scrapping and have to plan my lesson for tomorrow.
It is a really beautiful day!

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Zaroga said...

I usually put a little seed in the tray feeders for the squirrels. There haven't been pecans in the yard in a couple of years for them to eat. When the pecans make I don't have to put food for the squirrels. But then I hate picking up pecans. I can't tell if we will have any yet. There seem to be a good amount of blossoms. Won't know until Sept.

Cute picture.