Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Les and I went out to fill the feeders up and this little fellow was sitting there peeping at us, Les put a little food on the bar and we figured out he was in distress. When I went back in he was still out there but had moved to my window still. He even guarded the feeders and ran off some bigger birds! I had the best time watching him!
Les and Jeff made me another feeder I will be happy to get it hung up!
My FIL may just have a virus, not gotten a lot of info yet but Les and I don't want to go up there if it is a virus!
Gina got to go in work later than usual so I got to spend time with her and play with Charli. Charli slept late and so didn't take her nap as usual but did get a little whiny and want me to hold her which was OK by me! After Gina left she climbed up on me and when to sleep anyway, LOL! I love to hold her and I guess she feels comfortable too!

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Zaroga said...

I hope Les's Dad is doing better now. Love the previous post with Gina and Charli's pictures... very cute!

Looking at the beak on this bird it is a young bird. I'm not sure what kind though.