Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet Me in the Meadow

When Connie Prince shared this kit with me I Knew I had to scrap some of my photos! It is called Meet my in the Meadow if you want to see others I put them in my 3S gallery, link on side. I did 8 of them and think they look nice. This is a part of a Birthday Bag for $3 that has 7 items!
Les is much better, we stopped by to see his Dad but I was afraid to spend much time there. My MIL really looks bad, she has lost so much weight and her face is looking old, I am glad I never picked up the smoking habit, it really adds years!
I have a lot of srapping to do, had to write done all my kits this time, LOL, I am a list maker, it keeps me mentally straight so i get everything done.
I got a Butterfly Bush from Jackson Perkins yesterday. Must start my herbs and zinnias, too. I am going to name it my Zaroga bush and think of my new friend when I take pictures of it, LOL! it is a Honeycomb which is yellow. It was $4.95 so that wasn't bad.

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Zaroga said...

That is a lovely kit. Don't blame me if the bush start looking like my hair... unruly :-) I'm still not sure if one of my butterfly bushes is alive or not... it is just too new to me.