Monday, March 2, 2009

Pictures of Seth and Jeremy's Art

I got up the normal time so I could look outside, Tye was on my bed which is unusual and so I decided it was not worth sleeping in, I think we open at 10:00,
Watching the news right now there is a problem on I85 and people have been stuck for hours! That's awful, a couple of trucks wrecked and some people have run out of gas and have children in the cars, and it's so cold! The weatherman on channel 7 is talking now, he got stuck about 4 hours and had to get a tow truck to get him out!
ANY WAY... I looked at Jeremy's Facebook and he had added this wonderful drawing of Alexis! But there were new pictures of him, Julie and Alexis but none of my baby! So I wrote him back asking where are picture of Seth and he added a few, here they are. I still don't have any Christmas or Birthday. Julie has a new camera so I know that's not a problem.
I guess I will get several pages done today, I think I will go take my bath and get dressed. My hiking shoes will come in handy today!

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Zaroga said...

We only got a few flakes. Our neighbor is a tow truck driver and he had no calls at all. It was so cold and windy that just about everyone stayed home.

Love you snow photos. That drawing is beautiful. Nice to have such talent.