Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am actually ahead of the game for once, LOL! I created 6 posters for Homecoming through Walgreen and got most of the pictures printed and ready to go in the album while they were half price. Those posters are wonderful! I am thinking how they will be a great idea for gifts to send Jeremy's son Seth to help him know the family that he doesn't get to see. We did the 20 x 30 size at church and 6 cost $68.00 which wasn't bad. We are laminating them and each year I will make a new one. Our building will be finished by next homecoming so I have the pictures uploaded and ready, I will tell Sheila so if something happens to me she can get them printed. I do plan on being around, though, LOL!
Gina had a class and Charli went to Sunday School with us, she must have gotten up earl because she fell asleep in my arms, ;0) Papa Doug and Nana 'Laine gave her a singing card that sings "I Want Candy" Each Sunday he has a pack of Tic Tacs for her in his shirt pocket and they are another set of Grandparents.
I decided I want a chair for my Christmas/Birthday and Office Max had the very chair I want for $50, I was ready to go get it but Les's disability check didn't come in so I am afraid to get anything extra :( I am sure they will have it on sale again or maybe I will get the cash I need to make up the difference, I am tired of my air hanging in the arm of the chair I have and my back hurting. The new one is wider and has good support. I have less than 2 weeks until my birthday, I told Les I want a chair and a long sleeved Carolina shirt, I saw a Carolina Girls shirt at church I loved so I tell him what I want so I don't get something I can't use (BIG :0))
Have felt pretty good this week, just sleeping a little more than I would like to. Have been going to bed around 2 and sleeping in until 10 or 11, I sleep so good in the morning!

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