Sunday, January 25, 2009

A very different share this morning... I made this in elementary school, why I painted it yellow I don't know but I was only 8 or so. Anyway it's one of my treasures. I am going to do some challenges at Dude's place and scrapping your treasures is one of them, I want to be sure when I am gone things won't get donated to charity if they have a family history. I volunteered at the Faith home and saw important awards and things given away!
Les and I had a nice time together in Greenville yesterday, I got a terrific bible that was exactly what I wanted for $35! That was half price, Les had worked on a truck and made $40 to buy my present, so that worked out well. He also bout me a necklace that spells out "GOD" to form a heart in silver and gold, I love it!
Well going to soak in the tub because I have a tiny touch of a headache and I want to work a few minutes on my book.
Gina has training today so we are going to get Charli and take her to church and keep her today, I am looking forward to that, I just need to have the book ready and loaded on a disc for the printer tomorrow.

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