Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here are the pictures from the church book of Gina and Charli and Les and I, I ended up using a picture of Trey, Gina and Charli instead, though, he didn't come to get his picture taken so I just used another one, I do like this one, though, she has her Birthday Girl dress on.
All she did was basically sleep yesterday, we always take a nap and she was sleeping about an hour but this week she has been taking a long nap of a couple of hours. I don't blame her today, it was rainy and just a little cool. Great napping weather. She did get excited when she saw Trey and started playing. She sleeps so hot and her hair gets wet and starts to curl. I am glad of that. Grandmama said she looks like Gina.
I am the spotlighted employee this month at work. That's kind of cool, I am blessed with a great boss now and work is fun. Before I was stressed and wondered how I could stay there! Just a personality clash with the director.
I will have a busy week next week, we have revival the first of the week and I have training Thursday. Les and I pretty much celebrated my birthday last Saturday because we are too busy to do anything next week. I have gotten used to Homecoming being right there at my Birthday and I guess Church is the best place to be, the funny thing is last year Les was teaching VBS on his 50th! They did have him 2 cakes and gave him a party though which was great!
Sunday night Jot will be there. He is almost 90 and is one of the funniest and best preachers in this area! I keep trying to get my family members to come hear him but they don't want to get and go to church on a Sunday Night. They are missing the blessing! He drives from Clinton which is about 25 miles away to speak to us. That's something for a man his age! Each time I see him preach I take it in hoping it won't be the last time I see him pull up his pants legs and laugh at himself! He lost his wife in 2008, they were married close to 70 years and every time he preached he would say "Darlin' would you pray for me?" and she would although she had Alzheimer's and a diseased liver. That forever will be in my heart when I think of him!

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Zaroga said...

Tammy, I enjoyed catching up on your blog... loved all the pictures. I may get behind again though.

If I understood correctly you will soon have a birthday? If so Happy Birthday!