Friday, February 6, 2009

I just got home from Fatz and having my Birthday dinner with my family, It was very good and I really enjoyed it! I think those rolls are one of my favorite things on the menu! My BIL had his hand bandaged up because he had to have a couple of splinters cut out that were infected, I hope he heals quickly and doesn't have a lot of pain!
At work we had a fun time doing Miss Tammy's Birthday, I enjoyed hearing them sing to me and watching them eat the cupcakes, I will post pictures later.
I am going over to Gina's in the morning and keep Charli so it will probably be a little later when I do my post, I am working on some Word Art I want to post.
Twila, thanks again for the dinner and my gifts!

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Zaroga said...

Tammy, I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday!

I'm catching up and I love the photos you've posted of Charli.

Oh... Frank's Dad's folks live in Mississippi and Alabama. Doing his genealogy we traced backed to SC. There are no close relatives living in SC.

Tammy, please pick up the Lemonade Award at my blog: I was just too sick to name specific names. You really do deserve the award.