Monday, February 2, 2009

I want to share these two songs with you!
This is Brandon Heath and my church is getting up a group to hear him on the 13th. Last year we saw Mercy Me and Mandissa, I am so excited to him Brandon though!

Homecoming went well, the book was a hit Even with the mistakes I made! I was really feeling BAD because I left Trey's name out, my Own sweet son-in-law! I guess as fast as I put it together I am blessed to have as few mistakes as I made! Donna at the print shop said they had done a lot of books but that was the best put together and easiest she had ever done. I know that cut cost a LOT by me doing the set up and it was ready in 48 hours! I might have to post a picture later.
Well I wasn't going to share a picture today But that won't be ME now would it?
The little gold Angel was given to me by my Grandmama because I sit this way and it made her think of me, the day I can't sit down in the floor with Charli and the kids at school I am retiring! Anyway that started me getting Angels from her, my Mom and even my kids, I don't think I had ever bought myself one. The picture hanging is done by Jeremy and is an Angel that looks remarkably like him, LOL! I thank you all for your prayers as he serves our country. I haven't talked to him but once since he is on leave. Like me, my son hates to talk on the phone! Pray he will have a safe trip back and the time over there will pass quickly. He has about 5 months left.

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Zaroga said...

Nice music.

I'm glad to hear that homecoming went well and that your book was a hit.

The angels are beautiful!

My prayers will continue.