Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A second post to share my birthday with you, I got my Director to take this picture of my kids and me went she gave me the gift from work, the tall Angel with the 7 birds, I happen to have 7 kids right now so that worked out great! The cute little shelf sitter is from my Mom and the one on the left has a friendship quote is from my best friend, Leigh Anne. My Mom also gave me a silver angel frame that I will be putting Charli's picture in. Gina gave me an electric blanket, I always complain because Les has so much cover I feel weighted down, Now I can heat up the bed and turn it down while he can keep it high and not be cold! She got me a King size for my queen bed so we will both have plenty of cover, too! What a sweetie she is! Thanks for my clips and bath gel, Twila, I look forward to dinner Friday!
I am finishing up my Hibachi Shrimp I got after church, this is one of my Favorite foods right now so I am going to end this. I surely have had a great day and my inbox is overflowing with emails from scrap friends! I am blessed!
Oh, I got a new watch from Les, he really was good to me this year!
Oh, and don't you think it's cool I have my Birth announcement?

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