Friday, January 9, 2009

I thought since I was up already I would go ahead and post! I thought I would put a picture from our beach trip today, I was taking pictures of the birds and this one was hurt and he followed my up the beach and got pretty close. We were there in October.
Charli is getting over her stomach thing, Gina said maybe it was more than just teething because Trey was sick and even came home from work yesterday, he Had to be sick because that young man works, he even has a second job a couple of days a week, not because they need the money but, I think, to spend the time with his dad.
Big news in our neighborhood, a couple got arrested and charged with child and animal neglect, they called the law because a gun was stolen and the police saw they were living in filth too nasty to even think about! The girl is 26 and used to work with Les, she is married to a 41 yer old man and they have a 3 year old. Her mother was also bedridden in the house and had not been cleaned up and had dead roaches stuck to her. The women and child were taken by social services. The girl's brother lived there, too, and was charged with the mother's neglect. BTW they drive a Hummer! You never know what goes on with people do you?
Oh, Les's Dad is at the hospital doing a sleep study, Les took him and George wanted to be there about 7:45 or so, the appointment was at 9:00! I hope they can help him.

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Zaroga said...

Poor bird and the news of the neglect that is so awful. You are right you can never tell what is going on in someone else's home.

I hope everyone gets well soon.