Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today I dedicate this post to my Nanny, Evelyn Snowbird Maynard Cheek. She was born Jan. 4, 1917 and died when Gina was a young child. I really miss her, probably more than anyone I ever lost. She was a real Country Girl even though her parents moved here from England in 1902. Things I remember are her cornbread, her Chocolate cake with fudgey icing. How she let me use her scraps to make crafts, the quilts she made and her quilt rack hanging from the ceiling.
Her Laugh and how funny she was! Snuff (yuck!) And how she would take me to the Trash Dump where the mill tossed the things they threw away, she was a recycler! She had sheds with cloth she horded to make quilts. She had a cluttered house but I was comfortable there and spent so many nights with her and Papa.
But one of the biggest things I remember is this that country woman read her Bible, watched Oral Roberts and gave me my first Corrie Ten Boom book.
She also gave me one of my special treasures, a rhinestone set that my Daddy gave her when he was 15. I treasure it and hope that my precious Charli will one day. I got it when I was 15 and hope that I will be around to give it to her on her 15th birthday.
I am getting ready for church and need to help Les because we invited friends over for lunch.

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FourOf5zs said...

That is a wonderful tribute. Yes, yuck on the snuff. My Grandma Stubbs dipped it... horrid stuff.