Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kept Charli today while Gina worked and we had a really fun day! She called me Meme 3 times, this is a picture from Christmas morning, the kit is Cathy K's new one called Laugh and it is a Super kit! I have used it om several pages.
Julie sent me a video from her phone of Seth walking, it don't last but a few seconds and I can't even see what he looks like But it is the first thing I have had in months!
I was telling Les tonight that I didn't post many or even do much at my sites but I made about 250 pages in December. I did 6 Brag book calendars for kids at work, one for my MIL, one for Gina and 2 wedding books, all these were 4 x 6 but I did a couple of square pages, too, in 2008 I made well over 1000 total pages! I am trying to get the challenges started at 3S, I hope I have a good response.
Oh, Les and I used my GC from Ryan and ate at Crackerbarrel, I really enjoyed that. My back is itching from where Dr. Henderson froze those places on my back, I had 3 there, one on my face and one on my elbow I had removed Wednesday, that really hurt while he froze them but other than itching they are ok. I am glad to have them off!

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