Friday, January 2, 2009

Luke 24:45

I actually didn't take a single picture yesterday! We has the New Year's meal of Ham, blackeyed peas, collards and stewed tomatoes at the Gary's and Charli started taking 3 or 4 steps, I was too excited she would quit if I got me camera so I just watched her. I will keep her in the morning so maybe we can play and I can get her to do it more, January 1 is a perfect day to start walking, I think!

Well on with my resolution... here is my first scripture to learn found in Luke 24:45. Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures
I had another picked out but was lead to this one. I was talking to my Grandmother and we don't understand why our family members don't go to church! I so Love church and get so much from learning and teaching, I teach 12 and 13 year olds and have really learned so much this past year about Bible History.
I can't see putting earthly things before church and showing up just when you feel good! Teaching helps because I have to be there Plus since Gina sits with me I get to hold my baby and she is a good girl in church! Today I am praying that my family members will open their minds to the scriptures, I can't imagine being a parent now and Not raising them to look to Christ for guiance and not the sins of this world.... I am stepping down from my soapbox now to go to work.

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