Thursday, January 1, 2009


Last night we ended up going to Gina's and keeping Charli because Leighann went home from the hospital and needed to rest. Gina had let her stay up and she was in a mood to play, we watched Horton Hears a Who and it was amazing animation! Charli would nap then play, Trey and Gina got home about 11:30 so Les and I just went on to bed, we did hear a lot of firecrackers for several minutes and there were bottle rockets in our yard today but we could really see the fireworks. It was a nice night.
I used Rina's On Night Divine kit to make my baby an angel, the BG is from her Christmas Traditions kit and the flower is a freebie from Osten Wilkins, he has a Gorgeous winter DAD so you should join there! I like also that you reach levels of posts and you get more freebies! Oh, the lace beads, and other elements are from Pam Laflors and Irene Alexeeva, I love their blogs!
Well I finished my eggnog, baked a pie to take to my inlaws and will be getting ready to take my tree down when I get home from their house. I hope everyone is OK and has a great start to the year.
BTW I did make a resolution... to learn at least a scripture a week and to do more RAKs, Shannon , a friend of mine lost her babyTues. She had found out she was pregnant Christmas Eve, maybe I will start with her, I will think about what I can do!

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