Thursday, April 2, 2009

Charli's New Bunny Ears

Life is good when you have a grandchild who is willing to pose anytime, LOL! I guess I have C.O.D. went it comes to taking pictures of her! I paid $1 for these at Wal-Mart the other night and was so happy she liked wearing them!
Speaking of compulsions I am so upset that MONK is in the final season! I LOVE THAT SHOW! I do not like reruns because I remember most of the details But I can sit and watch the Monk Marathons. That and M*A*S*H which I dearly love.

I am proud the challenges are up and running at 3S! I like the way Janeal is doing the recipe challenge on an 8 x 10 format, she is doing Main Dishes first. I will have to think of something to scrap.

I love Thursdays! The first of the week is hectic but Thursdays are mine to do as I please! I plan on catching up when I get home!


Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by. What adorable little bubs your Grandchildren are.

Zaroga said...

So cute!

I like Monk too.