Monday, March 30, 2009

These are not very flattering pictures of Charli feeding me her beef stew but I am posting them anyway. Les never gets down to take pictures and since he is so tall I am lucky he didn't cut my head off, LOL! She has a high chair but I didn't bother with it and just sat in front of her, you can tell she got plenty on me but we had fun. She is always trying to feed me, at church yesterday she tried to give me her paci.
You can see my hair anyway. I like it short.
Twila, I am glad you posted your boy doll on your Blog and I am very happy you sold some! He is cute, I hope you can get your sewing room set up! I am glad you came to church yesterday and Cody is feeling better.
My FIL is running a fever, Les and I planned to go over there after we saw my Grandmama but we didn't make it. The wind was cold and making me cough bad so Les went to church alone for the singing. I guess Les will check on him before he goes to work the afternoon.

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Carole N. said...

Tammy, I love your hair. It's cute and such a pretty color.

Charli is so sweet to share with Grandma. LOL I love photos like this that show our everyday life.
They are much more natural then all the posed photos.

Thanks for sharing.