Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cliff's card

This card is for one of the deacons at church. Each year I give him a card on his birthday which was Wednesday, I am just late this year... Everything is by Natali at Scrapbook Graphics, she is one of my favorite designers! I took the photo last year at Park Seed.
If I designed I would want to create elements like hers!
Les has to work today and I am not happy that is two Sundays in a row, Plus I have Charli today. He also has to close Saturday night and that is bad because it's Women's Night out at church. The men are cooking a wonderful dinner and we dress up and they serve us! This is our 3rd year and what fun it is! Without Les it will not be as fun, though.

If you love Word Art stop by Debbie's Blog and get some today!

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Zaroga said...

That a beautiful card!