Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cat in the Hat

The pictures today are from our Cat in the Hat day except this one of Ryan dancing with Kinley, I wanted you to see how tiny she is. She was 2 Jan. 10 so she is a year older than Charli but smaller! She is wearing 6 to 12 month size while 12 months is now getting too small for Charli and Kinley's legs are so small!

I love the shirt Caleb had on! He and Ryan are reading Green Eggs and Ham.

Here is what I did to decorate, that's the Cat and the fish up there and some of my books and Things 1 & 2. You can see our schedule here, too, I have arrows to show days of the week and what it is time for, here the arrow is on story time. It is to help kids know what comes next and develop a sense of time. Also there are shamrocks at the bottom which was our shape we were learning. They are numbered and laminated and I would hide them and the kids would find them and I place them back in order counting the numbers and if one was missing I say, "we need the #3" and they would look until they found it.
These are concepts I learned in my training about teaching Math

These are the cute treats Hunter's Mom made us with vanilla wafers and gummy life savers! They were Good!
Well, that's today's share. Monday the class will look like spring-time, I already took down the shamrocks and small Cats and fish I had hanging from the ceiling and put up the flower shapes. I have a couple of bees, bunnies and ducks to put up top and books about spring.
I got the results from our Parent survey questions. 75% satisfied and 25% very satisfied, I was proud of that, had very nice comments written, too.
I just have to remember this next time Hunter hits Ryan in the head with a block, LOL!

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