Sunday, March 15, 2009

Charli and Tye

I got up early this morning and made these 4 pages with Perfect Paws by Lindsay Jane I know I am going to use this kit a lot! I posted it at Scrapbook Bytes not realizing it had been over 2 years since I posted there, I almost wanted to deleted the pages I have there, LOL! They look pretty pitiful!
Any way I took most of these pictures last night while I was playing with Charli. We had such fun, I had laid down at 9:30 with her and she was heading to sleep but then got a playful streak and when Gina came at 10 she was ready to play! Maybe it was that half piece of chocolate I gave her? She ate Beef stew great and shared a yogurt with me and then the piece of Valentine candy. I do have to be careful, Gina limits her sugar and gives her fruits and vegetables.
It's raining and cold and Les is at work but I am going to service tonight. I have enjoyed the messages so much lately! Wednesday night he started a new study Finding Favor with God. At 70 I guess Bud feels he doesn't have as long to preach and his sermons have really taught me so much! In winter I miss some Sunday nights when Les works because I don't see very well when it's dark so since time has changed I don't have that problem. I don't know how people can cope with things in life with out a church family. We have a group on Ning and Yahoo and we share via our cell phones when people need prayers. This week alone one of our young women was in a wreck and broke her knee cap in half and her Mom texted us when she came out of surgery. another had a new baby girl Thursday McKenzie Reese Ferqueron. Angel will be OK, she didn't lose her kneecap but it will be slow healing and she is a nurse and you know what they say about nurse making bad patients!
Well off to post these pages and sent Lindsay Jane a Thank You note.

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Amberpony Creates said...

I was going through my Old LOs today and revamped a few before printing them so I totally get what you are saying. Ahh but it is good for others to see we have to grow in our Digi Scrapping.
Keeping learning from your mistakes