Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sometimes Charli really shows out, LOL! I made this page for a challenge at SBE, they give you a title and you make a page, I used Flutter Free and a glitter overlay by Rina and Content and Somebody For me by Kimmi because I wanted to match her outfit.
I was going to keep her Saturday night but Gina asked if she could move it to Sunday because she has a wedding party Saturday and it will be after 4 when she gets off. I told her that was fine. I hope it will be pretty and maybe we can do something special like go to the park. I am sure we will go see Les's parents.
I need to get a picture of my 'new do' up. Gina cut my hair short and I have gotten so many compliments on it! Even one of the men from church last night said he liked it. Les has said several times he does which is really special because he likes long hair - and red. She did put some color on it, she says it's to make it 'glow' I let her do whatever she wants because I know she doesn't want her Mom to look bad, LOL!
I guess I will find out later if Les has to walk around several more weeks with that boot on or if his foot has healed. I am aggravated that the Reclast IV I got for my bones cost over $3600.00! After insurance paid I still owe $672! I am going to have to tell my Dr I can't afford that every year, that's CRAZY! Just to avoid a broken bone, I can't take the pills because they make my reflux worse.
Well off to play with my babies!

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Zaroga said...

Charli did a lot of great posing and you did well with your camera.

I would love to see the new do.

I may have to go to the Reclast. My Mama has had two fractures within the last 3 months and she has been taking fosamax... or she might have changed to the one that begins with an a. Her bone scans before her surgery showed her bones were better

I was taking boniva, but with my stomach acting up I've had to stop that. I'm not sure how much our insurance would pay on Reclast... need to check it out.