Friday, January 23, 2009

I always get in a good mood looking at Charli's pictures! She already loves to dance and hear music. Here she is dancing with Brobee.
ANYWAY, I am switching today and going in later, I will enjoy not going out in the cold! Hopefully I can get some done on my book!
I finally joined Facebook! I had been putting it off but my Brother-in-law and Trey's Mom asked me so I joined Sunday afternoon. I have found people I went to school with and lots of scrappers. My son even found me right away and that was great! He posted some of his art and I added some that I have hanging. I have most of his stuff still here.
I will have to post more later but am trying to get motivated for working on my book. Twila and Zaroga I hope you are both feeling well!

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