Sunday, February 8, 2009

When we got out of church Les and I stopped by his parents before he had to go to work at 2:00. His Mom and Sister had called the ambulance because he was groggy and just wanted to sleep. She said he had a fever but when I checked he was ok with that. His BP had dropped to 98 Over 0! His sugar was 212 and he hadn't eaten or drank anything. They admitted him in to the Hospital with pneumonia. I told my MIL she shouldn't give him his BP meds without checking with the Dr. I rode in the amdulance with him and they gave him a breathing treatment and by the time we got there he was much better!
My sister-in-law really gets my goat sometimes, when we walked in she shouted 'who called Lester!" she was so upset we were there! She wants all the credit for anything with her parents and tells everyone how much she does. So sad! She has taught her granddaughter to call Les Uncle lettuce head. Then she turns and tries to be nice to me, asking about Charli and such. I guess I feel sorry for her, she lacks the Love and Joy we have in Christ. Also our kids both graduated and are married and have families. She never believed school was important and passed that on, neither of her girls are married either but have kids.
I also had Jeremy before I got married but thank God I found Les and gave my kids the stability and together we raised children who are saved.
I have to pray for my SIL often and remember that I am blessed!

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