Saturday, May 16, 2009

Charli loves her swing! A couple of weeks ago I took these pictures as we played, since Cathy did this kit with the frame group I thought I would scrap them together, I also did a brag book size, I plan on doing another one today.
The kit is These Days and can be found Here. Please leave Cathy K love and a Thank you if you download it! I am so hoping she makes it to Round 3 in this contest! I looked at all 60 kits and really believe here's is one of the best! I only downloaded 3 this week. I think the 365 challenge was a little hard for some of the designers.
I plan on going to a couple of yard sales this morning. I mostly go to church or fund raising ones. Les was going to go with me but his Dad is on a rampage because his truck wouldn't start and he wanted Les to swap the battery and so before he goes to work he has to deal with that. His Dad had gotten argumentative and mean. I am glad Jeremy is not here to see it and don't want Gina to remember him like this! Dementia has really set in and Les and his Mom are the ones who it is coming out on most. I won't talk about it much more, it is depressing.


Zaroga said...

The pages are great. I used to love to swing too :-)

I'm sorry about your f-i-l. I will have y'all in my prayers.

twoboyz00 said...

Tammy, your layouts are adorable! Love the photos of Charli in the swing. Thanks so much for your kind words!