Monday, May 11, 2009

This is a picture from the Park Seed Garden last year. I am getting so excited that it is almost time I can go again! the tour is the end of June, Zaroga, Les is taking that Saturday of so you tell Frank he needs to get well so you can ride to Greenwood and go with us, LOL! Thanks for the hints on my computer, I had dumped my cache and cookies and my Antivirus was supposed to update automatically but this AM when I went to check that No Antivirus! So this is a quickie post so I can fix that!

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Zaroga said...

The flower is pretty. I would love to go there. It seems like it is just not Frank holding us back from traveling, but my body falling apart too.

Our next big trip is going to be out west again.

We would both settle for a short trip up the road to Georgia Veteran's State Park. That is only about 35 miles away.