Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got kind of tickled to see this at my Hummingbird feeder! I still don't have but a single hummer coming by, I hope that will change, Last summer I had several fighting over the feeder. Maybe it is a little early yet.

I found a great blog for Digital Scrapper's called Rebecca's Scrapping Silliness. She is very talented! She has many wonderful free kits, check her out!

I only had 6 kids yesterday because Hunter was sick, I hope he feels better today.

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Zaroga said...

A pair of hummingbirds have been here for a few weeks. Sometimes they come frequently to the feeder and then don't show up for a day or two. My Flickr friend Didi built a little stream in her yard that the birds frequent. She caught a hummingbird bathing.

Love Rebecca's kits. That lady bug is cute.