Friday, May 15, 2009

Today at work our theme is Bumble Bees, we have been singing "Bringing hom a baby Bumble bee" and coloring pictures. One of the girls wore a Cute shirt that says I am (Picture of Bee) -utiful! I think I may make some WA like that. I haven't got to take any new pictures of insects yet but my flowers should bring them in as summer gets closer. I know I will get a lot when the Festival comes and Les and I take the garden tours.
I think next week will be butterflies...

OH, I can hear now after 6 months! It didn't take the Dr long to get all the wax out, it was well worth the money!


Angela said...

so glad you can hear again! the t-shirt sounds cute

Zaroga said...

That's a beautiful picture!

Happy Weekend!