Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is one thing I am missing from my collection... a VW Thing! I was playing around last night looking for images and found out that Matchbox added this to the 2008 collection. Actually Hotwheels and Johnny Lightning have a version, too! I am going to have to see if I can still find one! I came up on 2 Bahas at Dollar General last week, so maybe I have a chance!
That's the challenge now with my collection, finding things I don't have, LOL!
I don't have a lot of the newer VW's and have just recently been finding my favorite the "Ghia", I would Love to actually have one of these cars! I would love to have one to go to car shows in! I have a picture of me beside one from the 2007 car show uptown on my EHD I may have to find and post, LOL!
Well Annabelle was still out sick yesterday, Amanda had to send her home early Thursday, I hope she comes back today so I will have all my babies!
After I get home from seeing Charli I hope to go see Papa, he took a bad turn with his heart and had to be moved to another floor with constant monitoring, Jeremy never contacted me again to check on him, I guess he hasn't gotten Internet time.
Gina had to go back to get an adjustment on her jaw, she had a head ache Sunday so Les and I were alone in church, when all my family come we take up two pews but lately that is rare, Gina doesn't miss many Sundays though, I think that's the second one this year, I really enjoy seeing everyone there.

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