Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I guess you can guess where this cup came from, LOL!
My SIL's Grandmother died Sunday. It was his Dad's Mother, the funeral will be at 11:00. They weren't close but she had done several things for Trey and Gina including giving them money to buy Charli's crib.
NHC won't take Papa because he can walk too far and he can't go to the Rehab hospital because he can't do enough for himself. It looks like he may Have to go home and have a visiting nurse. I was so hoping he could go to NHC where they could take care of him and give Kathie a break!
I got a nice thank you card from Preacher Bud for helping with Dink and Kat's Anniversary party. I thought that was very nice!
It is still below freezing in the mornings, I am so ready for spring!

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