Monday, February 23, 2009

I needed to make a book for a couple at church who are celebrating their 50th Wedding anniversary today. They eloped so I had no pictures from the wedding and the photos I had were not from the 50's so I came up with this idea. I downloaded pictures from 1959 and researched a little. The kit is called Home Made Memories by Connie Prince
This is the Gotta Pixel link but it is also at Divine Digital and on sale for $2!
I wish I had more time with this because I didn't get the pictures until Friday night and since I did some cleaning and kept Charli I was rushing to get it done yesterday! I did 24 pages though and told Kat if she got me some pictures I would add them for her.
I did add the photo frame from Natali at Scrapbook Graphics and the overlay that makes the paper look old is from Elena's Blog. I learned these things from '59
Lee Petty won first Daytona 500
The Dixie our local diner opened
The Corvair was first introduced
and several other things.
I think I will do my kids and Charli and Seth books about the year they were born, I might even do mine!
Oh, Papa had to get his IV back, he is dehydrating and had a bad day yesterday.

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