Friday, February 27, 2009

Roses for Valentines

This is one of the types of roses I had planted for Valentines. I bought 6 bushes and Les and my brother planted them. This one is Queen Elizabeth which I got because my Mom, sister and daughter are all named Elizabeth! It is planted on the side of my house so I can see it as I put up in the drive way. One of our church deacons gave me a metal bench, table and chair, it really looks great! I am proud of them and want to make a little place to sit them.
Last year I had a small herb garden. Hopefully I will get that going, too. I have the seeds sitting right in front of me. The main thing is attracting butterflies. I also bought zinnias. It should be warm enough soon to start them!
My nephew graduated from Boot camp in Ga. Wednesday and will be going to Texas now. I am proud of him and hope he does really well. He is very smart, just never stuck to anything, now at 25 he is in the Army. Jeremy had a lot to do with that.
Papa is now at home, thank goodness Les helped before he went to work!
Mama had to go back and get the place where she had her mastectomy drained for the third time, she is getting worried about that.
This week Bud taught us about how words affect our health. He showed many scriptures and it really made sense! He explained how we cause our immunity system to be weak when we make statements like "I am coming down with the Flu"
and how we often cause our own health problems. I have always seen this from family members who tend to be sick a lot. My own MIL is always sick, I always figure it is a way to get attention as is the case with many people.
I have always thought it strange that I have an Immunity suppressive disease and Les always gets the stomach viruses and bad colds! One thing I do, though has been when a virus starts going through work I start praying that I won't get it. Prayer works and I don't have to miss days out sick!

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GrannyNKy said...

Your rose are so lovely! I hope to do lots more landscaping this year! It just makes a country girl feel good doesn't it, lol!